Friday, 8 June 2012

Five Fabulous Fings on Friday: Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood personifies the relationship between handmade and sustainable living.  Wood is one of the most easily renewable materials and energies we have, but wood fires are found less often these days than they were before.  Tons of wood is going unnecessarily into landfill, when actually there are so many ways we can re-use it and turn forgotten, obsolete planks of wood into new, beautiful, useful objects.  Here are five of my favourite reclaimed wood transformations, from five clever people who have seen the beauty in the grain, and the story in its previous purpose.

#1 Cigar box Ukulele
cigar box ukulele

Kara from I Just Might Explode put an old cigar box to good use and transformed it into this awesome ukulele!  How cool and unique is that?  I think I might have to put ‘build own musical instrument’ on my next big to-do list!

#2 Upcycled Pallets

What a great idea to use pieces of wooden pallet to make wall shelving for storage and displaying photos.  More super ideas for ways to upcycle pallets on PS by Dila.  I also love this use of pallets for a fabulous vertical garden by Design Sponge.

#3 Reclaimed Wood Ring Boxes
Pixie - faceted ring box made from reclaimed wood

Beautifully crafted ring boxes using reclaimed oak and featuring painted coloured edges.  Just requires you to pop a ring inside and make your loved one beam.  By William Dohman of Oh Dier Living.

#4 Cheeseboards by Ariele Alasko

Ariele Alasko is one cool chica.  A chop-saw-wielding; reclaimed-wood-storing kinda girl.  She creates beautiful, earthy looking pieces from reclaimed wood.  Amongst her many creative achievements, she makes beautiful coffee tables and bed headboards by piecing together strips of found wood; and she has even designed and built a restaurant, Il Vecchio, in Monterey for her Papa.  I like most of all her cheeseboards: each one irregular and unique in form; each one bearing the history of the wood it’s made from.  Have a peek at her blog, Brooklyn to West, for dreamy photographs and works-in-progress; and she has also been featured here on The Makers Project with a very good interview.

#5 Beam Stools by Holler Designs

“Its a stool. Its a table. Its a big hunk of wood.”  Holler Designs make elegant Beam Stools from reclaimed pine and bowdock pegs that lock the pieces together without the use of glue.  You can keep them together or separate them at your will for this multi-functional design. 

Have you come up with any ingenious solutions for repurposing reclaimed wood?  I’d love to hear about them.  XXX


  1. Lovely post! The ring boxes are gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE that ukulele! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks! ;) Love also the ukulele and the cheeseboards.

  4. These are all wonderful! I think wood is just so beautiful, the thought of it going into landfill absolutely breaks my hearts. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely links!

    Katie x

  5. love those rustic cutting boards


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